I. books:

 I have 12 published  books including:

  • Human Cloning In Catholic and Islamic Perspectives.
  • The ethics of criticism.
  • Commanding right and forbidding wrong.
  • Research Ethics.
  • The Dream of Purity (a critical assessment of Maktabe Tafkik [a new literalist school of thought in Iran]).
  • On expedient Lies: meaning and examples.


II. Articles:

I have written more than 100 articles, including:
- Ethical approaches to Abortion; a case study
- Euthanasia from Christian and Islamic point of view
- Human cloning and human rights: the problem of uniqueness and Identity
- The challenge of science and religion in human cloning
- The principle of Charity: validation and application
- The Golden Rule in Islamic Tradition
- Shiite structure and Christian reconstruction of Pascalian Wager
- Ethical Dimension of Christianity and Islam; A comparative approach
under construction