I am interested in supervising works in Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Islamic Studies (if they are related to Ethics or Philosophy of Religion). Here is titles of some dissertations I have supervised:

  • Care Ethics approach to Abortion
  • Global Ethics and Fundamentalism in Islamic World
  • Exceptions for Confidentiality
  • Environmental Considerations toward Forests in Islamic Fiqh
  • Ethical Aspects of Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong
  • Examining “In a Different Voice”
  • Assessing Ideas of Mohammed Abed al-Jaberi
  • Ethical Consumerism
  • Ethical Status of Audience in Media
  • Muhammad Baqir Majlisi and Ibn Taymiyye on Takfir
  • Political Ethics in Nahj al-Balagha
  • Islamic Fiqh on Permissible Cases of Abortion
  • Islam on Gender in Ethics
  • An Islamic View on Ethical Consumerism
  • Maktab Tafkik on Islamic Philosophy
  • Ethical Issues in Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • On neo-mu’tazila in Sunni Muslims
  • Medical Ethics: the Case of Confidentiality
  • Fundamentals of  The Universal Deceleration of Human Rights
  • Virtues in Risalat al-Huquq (Treatise on Rights)  by Imam al-Sajjad

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